Intoxicated Man Called 911 On A Plane Crash




Intoxicated Man Called 911 On A Plane Crash

By Daniel Guevarra (Update)



August 8, 2009, Durango, Colorado.  On Thursday evening at or about 8:45 PM, 911 dispatchers received a cell phone caller reporting he was a passenger and survivor of an aircraft that crashed in a wooded area of Durango. The caller further reported to the 911 dispatcher that he was a government official with a classification of GS-17, that upto 12 passengers had died, and as a result of the crash his arm had been severed and he was bleeding profusely.

Over 50 emergency responders and numerous volunteers were called and dispatched to the location. However, when the responders reached the location of the reported plane crash the responders were unable to locate a downed aircraft.

The FAA was notified. The FAA checked their computers and records and reported that they did not have a missing or downed aircraft. Helicopters with night vision were brought in an effort to locate heat objects such as human bodies. Emergency responders still could not locate the downed aircraft.  


The 911 caller would periodically would give location updates,Durango Police Department contacted the phone company and through their efforts they were able to get a fix on the 911 callerís cell phone as the cell phone had a built-in GPS.

The Durango Police soon realized the 911 caller had reported a hoax.

The Durango Police Department identified the individual as Edward Henry Pretzer, age 59. The individual was intoxicated, arrested and placed at La Plata County Jail.

Officials estimated cost of resources and personnel hours to be more than $30,000. The La Plata county sheriff's office will most likely seek civil legal action to recover all costs. Officials at this point in time have no idea why Pretzer would have made such a call.

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