Action Air Charters On A Nonscheduled 135 Operation Out Of Stratford, CT. Crashes a Piper PA-31-350 Aircraft Killing 8 And Seriosly Injuring 1

ACTION AIR CHARTERS On A Nonscheduled  135 Operation  Out Of  Stratford, CT Crashes a PIPER PA-31-350  Aircraft Killing 8 And Seriously Injuring 1.

APR-27-94.  The captain had ILS glideslope data available during the approach but did not fly the ILS glideslope. The partial obscuration of the airport environment, due to ground fog, contributed to the captain's failure to recognize that the airplane was high on both his approach and landing. The destruction of the airplane and the resulting occupant injuries were a direct result of the collision with the blast fence. FAA interaction & communication with local communities, although persistent, were unsuccessful in gaining support for

runway safety area improvements and for the installation of  approach lighting for runway 6. The passenger seats had been improperly assembled using unapproved parts, and seat belts had been installed incorrectly. Probable Cause: The failure of the captain to use the available ILS glideslope, his failure to execute a go-around when conditions were not suitable for landing, and his failure to land the airplane at a point sufficient to allow for a safe stopping distance; the fatalities were caused by the presence of the nonfrangible blast fence and the absence of a safety area at the end of the runway.

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