Aero Club of France Skeptical Of The Wright Brothers



Aero Club of France Skeptical Of The Wright Brothers

Paris, France, December 24, 1905, the aviation committee, Aero Club of France meets to review the Wright brothers claim to have sustained flight for 38 minutes and flying 24 miles at Simms Station, Ohio, at Huffman Prairie on October 5, 1905.  This meeting is a result of several factors. 

The Wright brothers wire the secretary general of the Aero Club of France, George Besancon to inform the committee of their accomplishments on October 5. The Aero Club of France members are skeptical of the Wright brothers accomplishments because they refuse to fly their Flyer in public wires a correspondent in the United States to investigate. Within weeks the correspondent collaborates the Wright brothers accounts.

The Aero Club of France at this meeting reviewed documentation by eyewitnesses accounts of the the flight. However, several members stick firm with their skepticism. 


The Wright bothers Flyer III being restored in 1947, under the  supervision of   Orville Wright.

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