Flight Attendant Sucked Out Of An American Airlines Aircraft

Flight Attendant Sucked Out Of
An American Airlines Aircraft  

November 20, 2000 Miami International Airport,  American Airlines Flight 1291, an Airbus A300 operating from Miami International Airport to Port Au Prince, Haiti, with 121 passengers and a crew of nine, returned to Miami shortly after takeoff this morning after a fire warning light came on in the cockpit.

After making a normal landing, the aircraft stopped at the end of Runway 9L and passengers and crew members were taken off the airplane using evacuation slides. Five persons, including one flight attendant, were reported injured during the evacuation process. The flight attendant was flown to Jackson Memorial Hospital and has died. 

The flight attendant who has died was attempting to evacuate the aircraft. The flight attendant opened the cabin door after the plane landed but before the

plane was depressurized and "was basically sucked out of the plane onto the tarmac,'' said Nelda Fonticiella, a spokeswoman for the Miami Dade County Police Department. The plane, which took off at 11:49 a.m., returned to Miami less than a half hour later after a cockpit warning light came on indicating an engine fire, according to American Airlines. The plane was carrying 121 passengers and nine crew members.

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