A Passenger On Alaska Airlines Flight 259 Attacks Pilots In Flight


A Passenger On Alaska Airlines
Flight 259 Attacks Pilots In Flight  

March 13, 2000, San Francisco, Cal., Peter Bradley age 40 of Blue Springs, Mo., boarded and Alaska Airlines MD-83 jet in Puerto Vallarta to Portland. Just after takeoff, Mr. Bradley began terrifying the passengers by roaming the aisles muttering incoherently. Then Bradley allegedly shoved a flight attendant, broke through a  locked cockpit door about 7:10 p.m. then he attacked the copilot and attempted to grab control of the throttles.

The  captain used the intercom to ask first-class passengers for help. With the assistance of passengers and the crew about 7:50 pm Bradley was wrestled to the floor were he was restrained and bound with plastic. Bradley weighed more than 250 pound and is 6 feet tall.  Flight 259 was carrying 43 passengers and five crew members.

"What really scared me was when he tried to open up an exit,"  said Chris Honochick, 37, of Salem, Ore., who also helped tackle  Bradley. Bradley repeatedly switched seats, disobeying orders to stay  put.

He eventually sat in first class, where, Reilly said, he made  this threat: "I'm going to kill all of you; keep away from me,"  while simulating the shape of a gun with his hand. After a delay, the flight continued to Portland, arriving two hours late.  Bradley is currently being held at a psychiatric hospital for treatment. It is unclear if charges will be brought against him. 

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