Aviation industry said worst in
Aviation Industry Said Worst In 70 Years

By Dana Murphy


March 31, 2009, Walter E. Washington Convention Center,  Washington, DC  the 34th Annual FAA Aviation Forecast Conference provided an opportunity for attendees from the leaders in the aviation industry and government to look ahead and share their views for aviation's future.

The theme of this year's conference suggested, the industry continues to face great challenges to its economic health while confronting the realities of energy issues and the need for greater efficiency. Prominent industry and government officials discussed the impact of the financial stability of the U.S. industry, as well as the outlook for U.S. and international aviation.

Mr. Nobles is a forty year veteran of the transportation industry, and is most notably credited with leading the successful restructuring of Hawaiian Airlines,  developing and introducing operations for the Pan Am Shuttle and for creating and implementing operations for the Trump Shuttle.
 Nobles, told Caribbean Business Report that the biggest debate at the conference was whether the crisis would last for only a year or much longer. "Airlines around the world are being impacted by this crisis, with large airlines like Singapore (Air) being forced to ground planes, lay off staff and significantly cut back on operation," said Nobles.
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