Boeing To Move Its World Headquarters From Seattle After 85 years


Boeing To Move Its World
Headquarters From Seattle After 85 years  

In the last six months Boeing has begun to redefine aerospace by: establishing a communications business, Connexion by Boeing SM ; acquiring Jeppesen as the hub of an information services business; putting increased emphasis on its financial services, Boeing Capital Corporation; and setting up a business to transform the world's air traffic management and control systems to improve safety, convenience and capacity.

The company's new corporate center will be established at a new location. "As we've grown, we have determined that our headquarters needs to be in a location central to all our operating units, customers and the financial community but separate from our existing operations," he said.  

"The role of the new, leaner corporate center will be to seek new growth opportunities around the globe. Our newly promoted business unit leaders will have greater freedom to serve their customers, develop partnerships, grow, and create additional value for our shareholders and growth opportunities for our employees."

Boeing JSF X-32B

Boeing is seeking to locate its new headquarters in a culturally diverse city that: offers ready access to global markets, provides a strong pro-business environment, and allows easy access to major Boeing operations and customers. Boeing has three metropolitan areas under consideration for its world headquarters: Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Denver. The company hopes to have site selection made by early summer and have an operational center in its new headquarters by fall. Boeing expects that the new corporate center will have less than half the 1,000 employees currently working in the Seattle location.

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