Boeing 777 Breaks Speed and Distance World Record

Boeing 777 Breaks Speed and Distance World Record

SEATTLE, April 2, 1997 - Following a record-setting circumnavigation of the world, a Boeing  777-200 landed today at Boeing Field in Seattle, establishing new speed and distance world  records for its size and class of airplane. 

The 777 carried seven pilots, an observer for the National Aeronautic Association, and Boeing  executives and operations personnel -- 23 passengers in all -- aboard the record-setting 41 hour 59  minute flight. Boeing Commercial Airplane Group executive vice president, Richard Albrecht, said:  "The 777 is a really magnificent airplane, and this test of its operating capability has exceeded our  expectations.

We're extremely pleased with its flawless performance in setting the two world  records."  The Boeing 777 broke two existing records held by the Airbus A340-211, set when the A340 flew  Paris-Auckland-Paris on June 16-18, 1993. During that flight, the A340-211 set the "Great Circle  Distance Without Landing" record, traveling 11,814.90 statute miles (19,014.31 km), and it set the  record for "Speed Around the World, Eastbound," traveling at an average speed of 789.86 kmh  (490.80 mph). 

Boeing broke both records, besting the Great Circle Distance Without Landing record by flying  from Boeing Field, Seattle, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, covering 12,455.34 statute miles (20,044.20 km).The Speed Around the World, Eastbound record was set by traveling the  Seattle-Kuala Lumpur-Seattle route at an average speed of 553 mph (889 kmh). View The Inside Of The Cock-Pit. Once downloaded move your pointer around.

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