Boeing To Bid On NASA's Next Generation Space Exploration Initiative




Boeing To Bid On NASA's Next Generation Space Exploration Initiative

By Bill Goldston



July 29, 2009, Boeing today announced that it plans to bid as prime contractor for the Exploration Ground Launch Services (EGLS) program to provide ground systems integration and launch operations for Constellation, NASA's next-generation space-exploration initiative.

EGLS will cover ground processing, assembly, testing, integration, launch and recovery services for Constellation's Ares launch vehicles and Orion spacecraft.

“We will bring innovative approaches, decades of experience and best-of-industry elements to supporting NASA as the United States transitions from the space shuttle program to Constellation,” said John Elbon, Boeing vice president and EGLS team leader. “Cost-effective practices, proven in our space, defense and commercial airplane programs, will enable efficient and safe operations.”

Current Boeing support for NASA includes serving as prime contractor on the Checkout, Assembly and Payload Processing Services and International Space Station programs and as major subcontractor on the Space Shuttle Program. The company has received contracts from NASA to provide the upper stage of the Ares I crew launch vehicle and the vehicle's instrument unit avionics. Final proposals for EGLS are due Oct. 26 and NASA is expected to award the contract in April 2010.

Exploration Ground Launch Services (EGLS) supports the NASA Constellation Program at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), providing ground processing, assembly, test and integration, launch, and recovery services for the Ares launch vehicle and the Orion spacecraft.


NASA is expected to issue the EGLS request for proposals in July 2009, with the contractor award for EGLS anticipated in April of 2010.

NASA's Constellation Program depends on effective ground operations, building upon the successes of the Shuttle and ISS Programs, to enable future missions to the Moon and beyond. EGLS supports Constellation ground processing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC), including all operations related to assembly, integration, launch, and recovery:

  • Element processing, test and checkout, and vehicle integration
  • Mobile Launcher and Launch Pad operations, propellant loading, launch preparations, and launch execution
  • Recovery efforts for the retrieval and refurbishment of the Ares First Stage and Orion Crew Module
  • Offline processing for Ares First Stage and Orion -- fluids servicing, cargo processing, and storage
  • Sustaining for Ground Support Equipment and infrastructure used in processing, handling, transportation, storage, and testing
  • Advanced planning for future operations

The EGLS Scope also anticipates options for continued support for the ISS Program, the transition and retirement of the Space Shuttle Program, and spacecraft fueling for the Launch Services Program.

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