A British Airways Boeing 747-400 Lands Safely After Inflight Incident


A British Airways Boeing 747-400 Lands Safely After In-flight Incident

December 29: British Airways confirmed today that a Boeing 747-400, operating as flight BA2069, from London Gatwick to Nairobi, has been involved in an incident en route. The airline said that it appears a male passenger entered the flight deck and attempted to seize the flight controls. The flight crew struggled with the passenger during which the auto-pilot became disengaged.

A number of passengers are believed to have suffered relatively minor injuries as the aircraft made sudden maneuvers during the struggle. The passenger who entered the flight deck was restrained. The aircraft was carrying 379 passengers, three flight crew and 16 cabin crew. It landed at Nairobi at 0710 GMT.

The flight landed safely in Nairobi and five people needing medical attention were taken to a local hospital. Captain William Hagan (age 53), one of the airline’s most experienced pilots with 30 years service, was in charge of the Boeing 747-400 which was en-route from London Gatwick to Nairobi. Speaking from Nairobi, he said "It all happened very quickly, my first thought was for the safety of the aircraft and the passengers. We just did what we are trained to do.











"In the struggle the intruder bit my ear and finger but my first officer, Richard Webb, and I managed to get him out of the cockpit while my other first officer, Phil Watson, flew the aircraft. With the help of some passengers we managed to restrain the intruder. "Thanks to the quick thinking of my colleagues and the passengers, this incident was brought to a swift conclusion.  "I’m very proud of my two first officers and cabin crew and I’m very grateful for the assistance from our passengers."

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