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Cockpit Voice Recording

American Eagle BAe ATR-72 -> Flight 1184 (184 on recording)

Roselawn, IN (In holding pattern for Chicago O'Hare [ORD])

Ice on ailerons, put aircraft in 475 knot dive

66 Deaths, 0 survivors

CNTR: Hello Eagle, uh, flight 184, should be about 10 minutes

till you're cleared in.

RAD: I can double check on that, just sent a message to


F/O: And, uh, 10 more minutes she said?

CA: Whoa.

CA: I knew we'd do that.

F/O: I'm trying to keep it at one-eighty

CA: Oh.

F/O: Whoops. ****

CA: Okay.

Unknown: **** ****

F/O: Man, oh! oh!

CA: No it's okay. It's alright man.

CA: Okay, mellow it out!

F/O: Okay!

CA: Autopilot's disengaged!

F/O: Okay! Okay!

CA: Nice and easy!

Unknown: Oh ****!