CubCrafters Unveils The SUPER Sport Cub



CubCrafters Unveils The SUPER Sport Cub
 By Daniel Guevarra

March 31, 2009, CubCrafters unveiled the SUPER Sport Cub, the company’s most powerful aircraft. Available immediately, the LSA certified SUPER Sport Cub is a stronger and more powerful version of their highly successful Sport Cub S2. The two place SUPER Sport Cub boasts the largest engine in the LSA industry, a 340 cubic inch engine producing up to 180 HP for takeoff and climb, and a continuous 80 HP at altitudes up to 12,000 feet! With a rate-of-climb well over 2,100 feet per minute, SUPER Sport Cub’s climb rivals even turbine powered aircraft! Its power-to-weight ratio exceeds that of a P-51D Mustang, providing takeoff distances of less than 100 feet at gross weight!


This two place taildragger can be delivered with tundra tires, floats, or skis to maximize your flying pleasure. All of this is made possible with the certification of CubCrafters’ own ASTM compliant engine, the CC340. In partnership with ECI, CubCrafters has created a four cylinder, air-cooled engine that is certified to ASTM standards and produces up to 180 HP for takeoff and climb while maintaining 80 HP continuous power at up to 12,000 feet. Power and efficiency are achieved with electronic ignition, high compression pistons and a new light-weight design. Cruise power settings produce a miserly 5-6 gallons per hour fuel burn while enabling the newest Cub to loaf along at a cruise speed of 120 MPH. Open the throttle and you can see 138 MPH putting the SUPER Sport Cub at the top of the LSA speed limit.

CubCrafters is known for incorporating new technologies into a proven design. This is a complete redesign of the venerable Super Cub. Using carbon fiber composites extensively, 2024-T3 aluminum in the ribs and wing skins, and a more efficient fuselage design were just a few of the many improvements. CubCrafters tested the airframe to 40% beyond the ASTM requirements of 4Gs for certification. “We don’t know of any other LSA manufacturer who has actually tested their airframe to margins this far in excess of the requirements” said Jim Richmond, CEO and founder of CubCrafters. “We tested it to 5.65G’s for the design limits, and 8.5G's for the ultimate loads”.

The airframe is an identical twin of the Carbon Cub that the company has developed for the home-built market, and the two aircraft share nearly all airframe components. All components are manufactured under the scrutiny of an FAA approved quality assurance program in an FAA certified production facility. Currently, CubCrafters is the only U.S. manufacturer building Light Sport Aircraft and Standard Category Aircraft on the same production line.  

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