Dave Craddock Sets World Record In Mooney Acclaim Type S



Dave Craddock Sets World Record In Mooney Acclaim Type S
By Mike Mitchell

February 3, 2009, Kerrville, Texas - The first production Mooney Acclaim Type S owned and piloted by Dr. Dave Craddock was flown to set a world speed record on a trip from Minneapolis, Minnesota to New Orleans, Louisiana. Flying at an average speed of 333 knots with a max ground speed of 357 knots, Dr. Craddock traveled 904 nautical miles in 2 hours and 43 minutes.

The record flight, submitted to the National Aeronautics Association (NAA) for review and certification in the C-1.c category, spanned the entire length of the Mississippi River. To accomplish the world-record speed over a recognized course, Dave departed Crystal Airport outside of Minneapolis, did a running start over MSP at 25,000 feet and a running stop over New Orleans descending through 11,400 feet.

“I had been watching the weather for several days via the internet and realized that I could set a blistering record,” Dave said. “I love flying my Mooney Acclaim Type S at 25,000 feet, and I look for opportunities to do so.”

Nicknamed the Batmobile, the Acclaim Type S is the third new Mooney for Dave Craddock, a dentist from Kewanee, Illinois. As Vice-President of the Flying Dentists Association, Dave used the Acclaim to make meetings in Minneapolis and New Orleans on January 31st along with setting the speed record. “Gone from home only 24 hours, I missed no clinic time, “Dave noted. “I could have never, ever done that trip commercially.”
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