Goat Manufacturer Looking for a Home

Goat Manufacturer Looking for a Home

By Rob Stapleton

June 2, 1999, Mt. Kinetic Aviation Inc. a Livermore California aircraft design and manufacturing company is seeking a manufacturing home in the Northwest for its Mt. Goat and Big Horn airplanes.The Mt. Goat aircraft has impressed general aviation enthusiasts and pilots with vital statistics that rival the performance of the 1940's era Piper Cub.

Boasting of a 27 mph power off stall speed, effective cruise of 152 to 159 mph and a useful load of 1250 lbs, the two seat , aluminum wing, tube and fabric fuselage and tail, single engine (IO-360) 180 HP aircraft is the latest in performance using 21st century engineering. According to Kinetics their aircraft has an adjustable pitch carbon and wood propeller, quiet exhaust system, and Flaperons, that are currently in the patent application process all designed and built by Kinetic, President Bill Montagne. Currently five states in the Northwest have expressed an interest in luring the start up manufacturing business to their states.

"Right now we have been contacted by Alaska, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Wyoming," said Montagne. Montagne also revealed that the company has been rigorously pursued by the state of Alaska, and that four separate communities in the state are currently working on details to attract the manufacturing business, who needs a facility and a nearby transportation infrastructure for exporting. According to Montagne, Kinetic likes the idea of locating in Alaska, where a large base of pilots needing short field take off and landing aircraft for rural airports, lakes and ski flying would be attracted to the flight characteristics of their Mt. Goat. Kinetics wants to sell the aircraft for $98,000 and hopes to create 600 jobs in the manufacturing process.

Company officials are examining the most advantageous location for start up financing, local investment and long term relationships with the community or airport that facilitates a cooperative environment for the aircraft production.
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