US Airways Worker Arrested After Helping Roommate To Get An Semiautomatic Handgun Past Airport Security





US Airways Worker Arrested After Helping Roommate Get A Semiautomatic Handgun Past Airport Security

By Antonio Percy



June 5, 2009, PHILADELPHIA — On Thursday, the FBI charged a US Airways Customer service agent, Roshid Milledge and his roommate, Damien Young with smuggling a semiautomatic handgun onto an airplane bound for Phoenix, Arizona.

Young planning to move to Phoenix, devised a plan were Roshid would walk through an employee entrance way with the carryon bag and meet Yong at the gate in order to allow Young to pass through security undetected. When Young met up with Roshid and passed the bag off to him, an alert passenger witnessed the transaction and  noticed the two men appeared to be nervous and fidgety. As a result, the passenger contacted airport security.

By this time Young had boarded the flight and the aircraft had begun to taxi out to the runway. The pilot onboard was radioed and requested to return back to the gate, Young was taken off the plane and arrested along with Milledge.


When questioned by the FBI Young’s initial story was that he gabbed the wrong bag from home it should have been his computer bag in which his laptop was in, but later confessed to the FBI that he was moving to Phoenix and was looking for a way to transport the gun and that he and his roommate had worked out this plan to get the gun pass airport security undetected.

The FBI had stated in there affidavit that Milledge, had agreed to carry the bag through an employee entrance so it would not be screened by security. The gun was legally registered and Young had a valid gun permit to carry it.

Due to a security breach US Airways Flight 1195 was grounded for several hours while officials inspected the aircraft for other weapons. No other weapons were recovered.  Both men are in federal custody and are expected to appear before the court within the next few days.

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