Aviators Baby Kidnapped From His Crib



Aviator's Baby Kidnapped From His Crib  

March 1, 1932, Charles Lindbergh's 20 month year old son was kidnapped out of the Lindbergh home in New Jersey. The report was phoned in by Charles Lindbergh to the New Jersey State Police at 10:40pm. The police responded to the home within minutes of receiving the call. The Lindbergh's reported their son was put to sleep in their nursery at 7:30 pm. He was later checked by their housekeeper at 10 pm.

At that time the family sadly learned of the child's disappearance. A check by the police revealed that the window to the family nursery was open, trails of foot prints from the window to the crib and back out the window and a rensom note indicating that the kidnappers wanted $50,000. for the child's return. A description was given of the child. Charles Lindbergh Jr. was dressed in his pajamas, he has curly hair, average size and is of fair complexion.

The New Jersey police report that early in the day two men in a black or blue sedan had questioned a highway worker on directions to the Lindbergh home. An all point bulletin has been put out and a community search is underway. Lindbergh is well known for his transatlantic flight to Paris. (Read more information on the kidnapping)

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