The Lebaudy Makes An Historic Round Trip

The "Lebaudy" Makes An Historic Round Trip  

Moisson, France, May 8, 1903, huge crowds gathered to observe and take witness to the large yellow airship, the Lebaudy make its first fully controlled flight in history. Nicknamed the Le Jaune "The Yellow One", the Lebaudy, piloted by Frenchmen George Juchme's and his, left Moisson, France and flew to Mantes, France about 24 miles. The Lebaudy was powered by a 40 horse power Benz engine. The 40-hp engine provided excellent directional control against the strong winds and provided a relatively smooth  journey  to Chateau de Rosny, where maneuvering tests were held. Upon completing their tests, the Lebaudy then returned to Moisson. 

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