Linda Finch To Make 1997 World Flight




Linda Finch To Make 1997 World Flight 

March 25, 1997 A flight were she will attempt to fly around the world, flying the route Amelia Earhart attempted. World Flight 1997 will take off March 17, 1997, the 60th anniversary of Earhart's flight, from Oakland, CA.

World Flight 1997 will closely replicate the route flown by Amelia Earhart in 1937, spanning five continents and making more than 30 stops in 20 countries. The journey will take an estimated three months to complete. World Flight serves to inspire people with an understanding of Amelia Earhart's heroism, courage and vision.

World Flight 1997 is sponsored by Pratt and Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corporation, a leading manufacturer of airplane engines.


 A crowd greets Linda Finch at Tamiami Airport, Miami, Florida as she arrives to speak to spectators.  

World Flight 1997 wilt use a Lockheed Electra l0E powered with Pratt 8c Whitney Wasp engines -- the same model flown by Amelia Earhart. One of only two such aircraft left in the world, the Lockheed Electra l0E was purchased specifically for this purpose, and has been carefully restored to appear as it did in 1937. Linda Finch is a seasoned pilot and aviation historian with more than 20 years' experience in the acquisition restoration, maintenance, and flying of historic aircraft. She has logged more than 8,000 hours of flight time, most of it in Multi-engine, vintage, warbirds, and taildragger aircraft.
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