Tornadoes Hit Opa Locka Airport Distroying 100's Of Aircraft

Tornadoes Hit Opa Locka Airport Destroying 100s of Aircraft.

February 2, 1998 Opa Locka Airport, Miami, Florida in the early morning witnessed high winds which caused millions of dollars in building and aircraft damage. Several tornadoes spawned a tremendous amount of high winds tossing aircraft from one end of the airport to the other end. One owner of a DC-3 spend the afternoon looking for his aircraft which was found later in the day.

The aircraft was picked up by tornadoes and tossed to the other end of the airport. Over 300 aircraft were damaged and over 200 aircraft were destroyed. By mid afternoon, owners waiting outside the gate,  in which had been closed while federal and state inspectors inspected the airport were allowed in. Their faces dropped with total amassment. The owners will meet later today with their insurance inspectors to make a settlement on their aircraft. The airport will remain closed to the public throughout the weekend. Over 20 buildings were damaged.

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