Orlando International Airport Tallest Air Traffic Control Tower



Orlando International Airport
Tallest Air Traffic Control Tower

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) dedicated a new, state-of-the-art ait traffic control tower at the Orlando International Airport on 10/28/02. Standing at 345 feet, the tower is the tallest in the United States. FAA Administrator Marion C. Blakey was joined by Rep. John Mica (R-7th), Rep. Ric Keller (R-8th), Carolyn Blum, the FAA Southern Region Administrator and a host of city and county officials to include; Orlando Mayor Glenda Hood, Orange County Chair Richard Crotty; Chairman of the GOAA Board Jeff Fuquay, to attend the ceremony. The new tower, which has been operating since September 15, was built by the FAA and funded by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. "This beautiful facility serves as an example of a successful partnership between government and industry," said Administrator Blakey. "The Orlando Tower is prepared to provide the safest, most efficient air traffic service to the Central Florida flying public now and well into the future."

Ongoing and future airport development, and the need for controllers to have unobstructed views of the entire airfield required construction of the taller tower, which sits 126 feet higher than the facility it replaces. "This new tower will provide Orlando International Airport with the capacity to double its facilities, allowing it to grow with the demands of the community," said C.W.Jennings, Executive Director for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. "Our goal is to provide the traveling public with a safe, secure, and efficient means of travel." Attached to the new tower is an 11,700-square foot base building, which contains the electronic systems and administrative offices. Total cost of the project is $28.7 million. More than 120 FAA employees work at the Orlando Tower, 105 air traffic control employees, and 24 airways facilities employees who maintain the building and air traffic control equipment. The Orlando Tower handled over 326,000 operations in the year 2001, making it the 34th busiest tower nationwide.

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