Lockerbie, Pan Am Flight 103 Explodes At 31,000 Feet




Pan Am Flight 103 Explodes At 31,000 Feet, Wreckage Scattered Throughout Lockerbie, It's believed That Iran Maybe Behind It All

Dec 22, 1988 Explosion in the sky. Pan Am flight 103 carrying 258 passengers on board explodes at 31,00 feet. The 747 jumbo jet was bound for New York from London. 38 minutes into a northerly flight, air traffic control lost contact of the jet on their radar scope at 7:03 p.m. All the controller saw on his radar scope was the jet breaking up into small specs on his screen.

For the next three minutes the 747 strewed bodies of its passengers across the countryside of Lockerbie Scotland. It is believed that Iran maybe involved. In London, an anonymous caller phoned the Associated Press to claim that Pan Am flight 103 had been attacked in retaliation of a US Navy F-14 shooting down an Iranian Airbus in July in which 290 passengers were killed. (Read The Complete Story

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