Peru, Faucett Flight 251, A Boeing 737-222 crashed Killing 123




Faucett Flight 251, A Boeing 737-222 crashed  Killing 123

FEB-29-96 at AREQUIPA, PERU, a Boeing -737-222 aircraft crashes killing 123. Faucett flight 251, a boeing 737-222 crashed about 2015 eastern standard time, while on a vor-dme approach to runway 09 at Rodriguez Ballon Airport, Arequipa, Peru. The flight had departed lima international airport at 1910. The airplane carried 117 passengers, 2 flightcrew members, and 4 cabin crew members. All were fatally injured. There was no indication of problems from the flightcrew to air traffic control. The airplane impacted near the top of a ridge about 2 1/2 miles west of the approach end of runway 09.

The main fuselage carried over the initial ridge and impacted near the top of a second ridge, about 1/3 mile to the east. The empennage fell to an arroyo between the two ridges. The president of the investigation is from DGTA, Peru. The crew had been issued an outdated altimeter setting after bypassing an ILS signal, which made it fly 1000 ft. under the real reading. The flight crew believed that the plane was flying at 9500 feet, while in fact they were flying at 8644 feet. The elevation of the airfield (Rodriguez Ballon Airport) at its intended destination is 8404 feet.

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