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The Double Decker Two Planes Landing Collided Remained Attached And Landed Safely
By Mike Mitchell
Plant City, Florida December 11, 1999, two aircraft, a Cessna 152 and a Piper Cadet collided while approaching Plant City Airport.

The airport is a non controlled airport and traffic advisories are done through the airports unicom station. Federal authorities are now investigating the incident where the two planes that wedged together in flight landed safely.

Alan Van Gee, flight instructor of the Cessna 152 was giving flying lessons to his student, Barbara Yeninas at the time. They had been out in the airports training area for just over an hour doing practice maneuvers. The lesson in the Cessna 152 was going smoothly until shortly before landing.
Cessna 152 Bottom/ Piper Cadet Ontop

Within a 1/4 of a mile of the airport, their plane was jolted by a Piper Cadet which that literally wedged itself on top of their Cessna 152 as seen in the photo. With no choice both pilots of the Cessna 152 and Piper Cadet had to land their aircraft piggybacked. No one was hurt, but everyone was a bit shaken by the experience.

The instructor reported  "In my 40 years as a pilot, I've never been through anything like this, I thought we had had it." The aircraft was landed on a grassy area just north of the airport's single runway. "Blacktop causes sparks," Both pilots had been in contact with the airports Unicom station.  Van Gee said he heard the Piper's pilot, 19 year old Jay Perrin of Melbourne, radio his position. "He called in and said he had a Cessna in sight." Minutes later, Gee said he felt a jolt. "We knew something was on top of us," Van Gee said.

"The nose wheel of the other plane went through the windshield." The back wheels of Perrin's plane wedged in the sides of the Cessna. Perrin was descending for landing, but he didn't notice the Cessna 152 flying below him, officials said. " He must have been seeing another Cessna in front of us," Gee said. With the other plane in tow, both landed and, "nobody got even a scratch," Van Gee, 65, said.



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