Port-au-Prince, Haiti A Beech 1900D Crashes Killing All On Board




Port-au-Prince, Haiti, A Beech 1900D Crashes Killing All On Board  

December 7, 1995, about 1754 eastern standard time, a Beech 1900D, French registration F-OHRK, operated by Air Saint Martin, as a charter flight from Cayenne, French Guyana to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with a fueling stop in Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, crashed while approaching Port-au-Prince.

Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and an instrument flight rules flight plan was filed. The aircraft was destroyed and the two pilots and 18 passengers received fatal injuries. The flight last departed Pointe-a-Pitre on December 7, 1995, about 1500.

Information received from the French Bureau Enquetes-Accidents (BEA) indicated the flight was cleared to descend for approach by Port-au-Prince ATC and contact with the flight was lost shortly after this. The aircraft wreckage was located in mountainous terrain, southeast of Port-au-Prince. The Haiti Civil Aviation Authorities and U.S. Embassy personnel stated the weather at Port-au-Prince at the time of the accident was clear with no precipitation. The accident investigation is under the jurisdiction of Haiti Civil Aviation Authorities.
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