Northwest And Spirit Airlines to Accept Pro Air Tickets



Northwest And Spirit Airlines to Accept Pro Air Tickets

Sept. 18, 2000, Pro Air, Inc. today received an order from the FAA that revoked the carrier's operating certificate for maintenance concerns on its aircraft. Pro Air is appealing the FAA action within the statutory 48-hour period. Pending resolution of this appeal, the airline will suspend operations, effective at midnight Sept. 18, 2000.


The Federal Aviation Administration today issued an emergency order revoking the operating certificate of Pro Air, Inc. The airline operates three B-737s in scheduled and supplemental passenger service centered on Detroit City Airport, but has its headquarters in Seattle. FAA said the action was taken because the airline had demonstrated it "lacks the qualifications required of the holder of  an air carrier certificate."  Continuing maintenance, oversight, quality control and record keeping problems resulted in widespread failures to comply with applicable federal aviation regulations, said L. Nick Lacey, FAA director of Flight Standards.

FAA inspectors identified a number of issues in a focused inspection of the air carrier in June.  Pro Air's failures to correct these discrepancies after being notified by the FAA caused the agency to conclude that Pro Air lacks the ability to conduct its operations in compliance with the regulations.  Findings identified in the revocation order include:

Pro Air received its operating authority from the FAA as a Part 121 air carrier in 1997.

Pro Air has ten days to appeal the emergency order of suspension to the National Transportation Safety Board.  The order remains in effect pending all appeals.

In response to the grounding of Pro Air, Inc., Northwest Airlines announced today that it would accept confirmed tickets on Pro Air, Inc. that were issued on or before September 18, 2000. Holders of such tickets will be accommodated on a stand-by basis on Northwest flights and should either bring their tickets to the airport or contact Northwest reservations. Northwest will not accept Pro Air stand by tickets except from those travelers who are currently in the midst of their travel. 

Spirit Airlines has agreed to accepts Pro Air Tickets on a Stand-by Basis Through September 30, 2000. Passengers holding confirmed Pro Air tickets issued on or before September 18, 2000 for travel between Detroit City Airport and New York/LaGuardia or Orlando, Fla.

Kevin Stamper
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Pro Air commenced flight operations July 4, 1997, with a commitment to revolutionize the airline industry. The airline has committed its self to lowering the cost of travel.  Pro Air’s fleet of three Boeing 737s provides service to five destinations from its operating base at Detroit City Airport. With each additional aircraft, Pro Air saves consumers millions of dollars in airfare. The company has approximately 350 employees, including 260 that are based at the carrier's Detroit City Airport operating base. 

Craig Belmondo

Craig Belmondo

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