Gulfstream Infrared Countermeasure System Effective Deterrent To Runway Terrorism




Gulfstream Infrared Countermeasure System Effective Deterrent To Runway Terrorism

Recent Incidents of Runway Threats Peak Aircraft Operator Interest


SAVANNAH, Ga., Oct. 8, 2003, Gulfstream Aerospace, remains the only business jet manufacturer currently offering a Federal Aviation Administration-certified countermeasure device to deter shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles. “As a result of recent events covered by the news media, we’ve seen an increased level of customer interest in Gulfstream’s Infrared Counter Measure (IRCM) system,” said Bryan Moss, president, Gulfstream.

“The IRCM addresses the ongoing threat many operators are concerned about when traveling in politically unstable regions. Their safety is our primary concern and, by offering the IRCM, we’re ensuring they have available the best possible onboard defense.” Recent events include an international airline suspending flights to a middle-eastern country after discovery of a plot to attack commercial aircraft.


A week later, it was reported that a man was arrested in the United States for allegedly smuggling a surface-to-air missile into the country in an attempt to take down a commercial jet. “To expect airports to acquire and deploy the resources necessary to effectively protect aircraft from this threat would be impractical,” Moss added. “With an IRCM-equipped Gulfstream aircraft, the passengers and crew have a level of protection that is reliable and tested and no matter where that aircraft flies into or out of, the IRCM is there to protect lives and property.”

First certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2000 for use on the Gulfstream IV (GIV), the BAE System AN/ALQ-204 Matador IRCM system was certified earlier this year for the large- cabin, ultra-long-range GV business jet. In addition to being available as a retrofit for GIV-series aircraft – the GIV and the GIV-SP – the IRCM is available as a retrofit on the Gulfstream large-cabin, long-range G400 and large-cabin, mid-range G300 aircraft. Depending on G550 and G500 customer requirements, Gulfstream will complete the requirements for a Supplemental Type Certificate, the FAA approval that allows the system to be included on those aircraft models.

To date, the FAA-certified Matador has been installed on one GIV, two G400 and six GIV-SP aircraft, some of which transport foreign heads of state. Cost for a fully installed and operational IRCM system is U.S. $2.2 million. Twenty-two countries, including the United States, use Gulfstream aircraft to transport their heads of state. Gulfstream aircraft performance and reliability also allow them to serve in a variety of roles, including electronic intelligence gathering, multi-purpose transport, aerial surveillance, medical evacuation and weather research.

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