Airport Manager Violates Probation Faked Death Tries To Collect On Life Insurance




Airport Manager Violates Probation Faked Death Tries To Collect On Life Insurance

By Mike Mitchell  (Update)



September 12, 2009, Timothy Dehart, 38, of Paragould, Arkansas had been employed at Bibb County Airport in Centreville, Alabama as the airport manager under the alias of Chris Sullivan.

Authorities report Dehart had been wanted on parole violations stemming from federal banking charges in 2004, when he went missing. Dehartís wife had filed a missing person report on September 16, 2004, the day Hurricane Ivan made landfall on the Mississippi coast. The U.S. Coast Guard launched a search and rescue. Dehartís boat was found circling in the waters off Gulfport, Mississippi unoccupied and his pickup truck and boat trailer were parked at Long Beach harbor. It was believed that Dehart fell off his boat during the hurricane and drowned, no body was ever recovered.

Recent reports surfaced that Bibb County Airport Manager was actually Timothy Dehart. The FBI and U.S. Marshals were called in and the airport was placed under surveillance.  On Thursday, Timothy Dehart was spotted in his jeep, reading his mail in front of the airport. Timothy Dehart was arrested by US Marshals.


Dehart disappearance came two months after he pleaded guilty to federal banking fraud charges for selling mortgaged equipment. Dehart was given five years probation and ordered to pay $29,271 in restitution. Dehart now faces charges of faking his death, possession of a firearm and identity thief. Dehart would have been able to collect on a $500,000 life insurance policy next week had his plans not been foiled.

Walter Williams owner of Bibb County Airport denied Timothy Dehart or Chris Sullivan worked for the airport and stated the airport does not employ an airport manager. However, Federal Aviation Administration records list Chris Sullivan as airport manager. Williams reported Chris Sullivan worked for a company called Boneyard a land developing company developing land near the airport. A Birmingham federal judge has approved Dehart's transfer back to Arkansas.  

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