Blue Sky Network Rolls Out Their Latest GPS Receiver




Blue Sky Network Rolls Out Their Latest GPS Receiver

By Mike Mitchell


September 23, 2009, Blue Sky Network introduced the D410A flight tracking and two-way messaging transceiver at the Helitech 2009 exhibition yesterday. The D410A provides a new breed of Iridium satellite-based GPS tracking likes its big brother the D1000A with the added benefits of a lower cost, effortless usability, and new messaging capabilities. 

Helitech is the largest annual helicopter expo in Europe, exhibiting the finest helicopters, hardware and accessories in the world. At the Helitech 2009, Blue Sky Network exhibited its potable D410A.  


Designed to be ultra-portable at less than six ounces, battery powered, with a simple ‘power-on and go’ capability that lets pilots track speed, altitude and GPS location with the touch of a button. Despite its smaller, lighter form factor, the D410A is built to MIL-STD-801F and able to withstand the harshest environments. Combined with Iridium’s legendary pole-to-pole reliability this small but powerful tracker can transmit data from anywhere on the planet. 

The D410A moves beyond the basic tracking features of similar products and offers advanced messaging software via an optional tethered PDA display. When connected to the D410A’s serial port, this option provides pilots with the ability for in-flight text messaging and trip submission via Blue Sky’s SkyRouter web portal and may also offer additional flight tools in the future. From the portal, aviation managers can also send and receive messages to/from their aircraft in route. The standard SkyRouter GPS position reports, special events (take-off, landing, etc.) are also resident with the D410A. 

“It has never been more critical for aviation safety than for operators to keep close track of their aircraft, both during normal flights as well as in emergency situations,” said Jon Gilbert, Blue Sky Network’s president and CEO. “The D410A makes reliable satellite based flight following and communications more readily available and affordable to the general aviation market; Blue Sky is committed to helping increase the safety and security of aircraft worldwide.” 

Ideal for contract helicopter transport, international business charter, aerial firefighting medical evacuation, and public safety aviation operators, D410A is designed for rapid deployment on both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft. The all-in-one unit can be placed anywhere with a view up to the sky to deliver reliable GPS and event data via the Iridium global satellite network. The D410A also includes key features like both GPS and Iridium integrated antennas and enclosed rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

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