Bomb Threat Made So Boss Could Catch Flight





Bomb Threat Made So Boss Could Catch Flight 

By Mike Mitchell
Claudia De La Rosa

November 28, 2009 - On Tuesday A Sunny Isles Beach women, Claudia De La Rosa age 31 contacted Miami International Airport by phone about 10 AM to report that there was a bomb on an American Airlines plane flight 953 bound for Honduras. American Airlines flight 953 was held at the gate while Miami Dade County Police and Home Land Security searched the aircraft and the entire luggage. The flight was delayed for several hours, until MDC police determined there was no bomb on board flight 953 at which point the aircraft was able to depart to Honduras. 

The Miami Dade County Police reported that Ms. De La Rosa called in a bomb threat to make sure her boss, who was running late would not miss his flight. MDCP further reported that Ms. De La Rosa after making the false report by phone also emailed Miami International Airport of the threat as well. 

Investigators were able to track down the De La Rosa through her computer IP address when she sent the email to Miami International Airport. On Thursday morning the Miami Dade County Police arrested Ms. De La Rosa at her bossís home. When De La Rosa was brought into the police station and questioned she admitted that she had called in the bomb threat.  


Ms. De La Rosa stated her boss was booked on the flight to Honduras, but because she arrived late to work it then resulted in her boss leaving for the airport late. Concerned that her boss would miss the flight, Ms. De La Rosa first called in the threat, and then used the computer at her bossís home to send an e-mail of the threat. 

Claudia De La Rosa, born in Colombian, living in Sunny Isles, was charged by Miami-Dade police with making a false bomb report. She was held on $7,500 bond. Later in the day De La Rosa posted bond and was released.

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