NATCA Members Vote On Collective Bargaining Agreement With FAA




NATCA Members Vote On Collective Bargaining Agreement With FAA

By Mike Mitchell


September 23, 2009, WASHINGTON – A three-year-long effort to throw out Federal Aviation Administration-imposed work and pay rules and restore fairness and stability to the collective bargaining process and the air traffic controller workforce neared conclusion on Wednesday when controllers nationwide voted to ratify a new three-year contract. 

The new contract, which will cover NATCA’s air traffic controller, traffic management and NOTAM specialist bargaining units, is scheduled to take effect on October 1. 

NATCA members voted on only a set of new work rules that both NATCA and the FAA agreed to at the negotiating table earlier this year. Other contract articles including pay were decided through a binding arbitration process that concluded on Aug. 13 and were not subject to union member ratification. 


Said NATCA President Patrick Forrey: “Today, the members of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association overwhelmingly approved a collective bargaining agreement with the FAA. It is a testament to our membership that they have endured the worst time in our union's history, working towards and holding out for a contract that was negotiated in a fair process and agreed to by the parties. 

“This would not have been possible without the support and commitment of the Obama Administration, key members of Congress and the AFL-CIO in providing a fair and transparent process. Now is the time to move forward and forge a working relationship that will stabilize the workforce, effectively train the large number of new hires and keep the current system safe and efficient while we transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System.”

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