Adventure Pilot Announces The New iFly 700 GPS


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Adventure Pilot Announces The New iFly 700 GPS

By Jim Douglas

August 24, 2010 -- Adventure Pilot LLC, announces the latest in affordable satellite GPS navigation devices for general aviation pilots. The iFly 700 offers everything from flight planning to enroute navigation.  Feature packed with image enhanced hi-resolution sectional maps, highlighted Special Use Airspace, IFR Low En Route charts, Approach and Departure charts and a full Airport Facility Directory in a revolutionary simple to use  7” LCD touch screen. 

A First in Affordable Navigation Systems for General Aviation Pilots the iFly 700 by Adventure Pilot is a first in portable touch screen GPS navigation for private, experimental and light sport pilots alike. Featuring official sectional moving maps, approach plates, IFR low enroute charts, airport diagrams and much more. 

The iFly 700 touts the perfect sized 7” LCD touch screen design and claims the easiest navigating experience to date. Current position is shown on actual FAA published sectional charts. The “Rubber Band” route line modification allows the user to touch and drag the route line around an obstacle or airspace. 


Designed how people think, the touch interface is intuitive and simple to use. A remote control makes turbulence stress free. The $69 annual subscription fee allows for unlimited updates of Sectionals, TFRs, METARs and the Airport Facility Directory. Updates also include Software Updates, Approach/Departure Plates and Airport diagrams. 

The new iFly 700 is a fully upgradeable portable GPS navigation device.  Walter Boyd, President of Adventure Pilot, recounts “We wanted a GPS that could evolve in features and capabilities over time, without having to buy a whole new GPS” also making note, “we have made a device that is expandable and software updates are very easy to apply”. 

Adventure Pilot stays very involved with the user community in an effort to insure the iFly 700 is the easiest, most comprehensive and best value available on the portable avionics market.  Boyd states, “The real beauty of the iFly 700 is in it's ability to transform with the progression of technology.” 

Prior to the official launch, the iFly700 was made available for immediate purchase at the 2010 AirVenture Aviation Celebration in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and in April at Florida's Sun 'N Fun. The Adventure Pilot iFly700 was well received at AirVenture 2010 in Oshkosh and was also honored in a “Top 10 Products” publication at Sun 'n Fun in Florida. The iFly700 sets a new standard for affordable navigation establishing it as an outstanding addition to the flight bag of students and pilots of all levels. 


Adventure Pilot is very confident in the iFly700, the company offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Walter Boyd states, “I guarantee you will love this GPS.  If you are not satisfied, return it within 30 days. I’ll give you a full refund, including S&H and annual subscription fees.  I’ll even reimburse your return shipping. This is a risk free purchase!" 

Adventure Pilot LLC designs, manufactures and markets affordable general aviation solutions to inspire, inform, and enable a community of passionate pilots to fulfill their desire for aerial adventures. The iFly 700 portable touch screen GPS provides unmatched situational awareness at an outstanding value. Adventure Pilot also provides information on thousands of destinations and offers the aviation community online planning tools for flight. Life is in the journey, it is the destinations you choose that determine your path.  

“Our goal is not to turn the industry upside down. We just want to provide like-minded adventure pilots with a state-of-the-art GPS that is affordable in the current economy. The aviation market is full of GPS units that are expensive, small, slow, and complicated. The iFly 700 is fast, inexpensive, an ideal size, and contains the most essential features for an aviation GPS. I’ve heard it said a few times that “this sounds too good to be true” or “is this for real?". I am happy to say that it is not too good to be true and it is for real. It is amazing how a clever idea, a little bit of time and a need in the market can take two guys to a place they never imagined. And now a world of pilots can reap the benefit”. 

The unit is priced at $499 plus an annual subscription of $69 for unlimited updates, the iFly 700 includes a suction mount, remote control, AC and DC power adapters and a carrying case.


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