Dolderer To Fly Red Bull Air Race At EuroSpeedway Lausitz Germany


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Dolderer To Fly Red Bull Air Race At EuroSpeedway Lausitz Germany

By Jim Douglas

August 2, 2010 - Matthias Dolderer has been looking forward to flying in a Red Bull Air Race in his home country for many years, even before the German ace joined the world championship in 2009.

Dolderer witnessed the first race in 2003 and also flew in the pre-race show at the first Germany race at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport in 2006.

Those experiences made him determined to get a seat in the high-speed, low-altitude race. And now the Red Bull Air Race World Championship is returning to Germany, where Dolderer is counting on the support of a big home crowd to help him get him on the podium.


The home race at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz on 7/8 August could hardly come at a better time for Dolderer. The 39-year-old pilot from the southern German town of Tannheim has struggled at times this season as the field of 15 pilots from 13 countries grew increasingly competitive.

But he hopes to finish the 2010 season with a flourish just like he did a year ago at the end of his rookie season when he got the first podium of his career at the 2009 season finale in Barcelona. That lifted him up to ninth place overall in 2009. Dolderer scored more points in the final three races of 2009 than anyone except world champion Paul Bonhomme and runner-up Hannes Arch. 

This year Dolderer was aiming for more and believes he's got the right stuff to be among the top handful of pilots rather than ninth, his current position in the championship with 21 points. He could make a big move up the standings with a strong result in Germany as there are five pilots within striking range. Pete McLeod of Canda, for instance, is in fifth place on 29 points. 

“I should be flying up at the top and I’m not exactly sure what’s gone wrong so far this year,” said Dolderer, who has a season-best result of only fifth place at the race in Windsor, Canada. “Getting on the podium is always my goal. That should be possible in Germany.” 


Dolderer and his teammates have worked hard on getting his new Edge 540 V3 in peak condition for the race at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz – the first time a Red Bull Air Race will be flown over a motorsport race track. He took delivery of the plane before the last race in New York but probably did not have enough time in the new cockpit for a peak performance in the big apple. 

“It’s taken some time to get a better feeling for what a fantastic plane it is,” said Dolderer, who had about 20 hours flying the Edge V3 before the New York race but will now have an additional five to ten hours in the faster version of his old Edge 540 ahead of the Germany race. “I’ve had more time to try a few different things out. It’s a great plane.” 

Austria’s Hannes Arch, who won three straight races this year, was the only other pilot in the championship with the Edge 540 V3 before Dolderer got his. Several other pilots have since ordered the plane. 

Dolderer, who owns the Tannheim Air Field and the Tannheim Flight School, is also excited to be flying at home because the whole country has been abuzz on a wave of patriotism this summer. The Germany soccer team had a great run at the World Cup, beating England and Argentina on the way to third place as millions of Germans cheered from giant public viewing venues set up across the counry. The German economy is growing strongly again, it’s been an unusually warm and sunny summer, and people are in a very good mood these days. 

“It’s a wonderful time in Germany at the moment,” Dolderer said. “It’s been super summer with the soccer and the sun. I’m sure there’s going to be a great crowd at the EuroSpeedway too. It’s a super location and it’s going to be a thrilling race. Germans love motorsport and the Lausitz area is going crazy about the race. There are lot more Red Bull Air Race fans inGermany now. It’s become a lot more widely known and popular since the last race in 2006.”


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