So You Think Steven Slater JetBlue’s Flight Attendant Is A Hero


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So You Think Steven Slater JetBlue’s Flight Attendant Is A Hero

By Jim Douglas

August 15, 2010 - There are numerous people who view Steven Slater as a hero. Slater was the flight attendant who on Monday cursed over the airplane's public address system, grabbed a beer and exited JetBlue’s Flight 1052 via the aircraft's emergency chute at JFK airport after a dispute with a passenger.

Slater now has a supportive following on Facebook of over a quarter million people who believe that JetBlue should not fire him. However, there are many who believe Slater was not forthcoming with the truth, his actions were unbecoming of a flight attendant and believe Slater should be fired.

Slater was arrested on the same day of his actions and charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. Slater was bailed out of jail on Tuesday and the court will hear the case to determine if his behavior was inappropriate.

Slater has reported he wishes to keep his job at JetBlue as a flight attendant. For those who think Slater is a hero, would you be willing to fly the next JetBlue Embraer ERJ-190 a pressured aircraft with Steven Slater as your flight attendant at 40,000 feet flying about 500 miles per hour after he has had another rough day?


One person labeled Slater a hero for "doing that which everyone who has traveled by airplane dreams”. However the court rules, Slater’s actions on Monday were inappropriate from the time he was in a confrontation with the passenger right up to the time of his arrest. There are appropriate responses that a flight attendant could have taken given Slater’s story that would have been appropriate and lawful. Slater is no hero. He merely put each and everyone one of those passengers and anyone around that aircraft at that time, in harms way.

It sounds like Slater has a good defense for post traumatic stress but not an argument for remaining a flight attendant. Passengers should be able to take a flight and that flight should be uneventful. There is no place on an aircraft, on the ground or in flight, where people should be fighting and, pilots and or flight attendants drinking or engaged in inappropriate behaviors. Pilots and flight attendants are paid to do a job no matter how inconvenienced they maybe, or stressors they are dealing with or upset with pay. The minute a pilot and flight attendant board an aircraft the only thing they should be concerned with is the safety of the passengers.

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