Astronautics Receives TSOA On Its New EFI Control Panel


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Astronautics Receives TSOA On Its New EFI Control Panel

By Shane Nolan

December 10, 2010 - Astronautics Corporation of America (Astronautics) announced on Thursday that it has received Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA) approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the newest Astronautics 6” x 8” Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI) display, Control Panel (CP), and Engine Data Concentrator Unit (EDCU).   

Variations of the equipment are being offered as an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) and Engine Instrument & Crew Alerting System (EICAS) on civil and military aircraft around the world including C-130, L-100, helicopter and trainer aircraft.

The units comply with the latest RTCA DO-160F standard requirements to meet applicable environmental conditions. The newly TSO’d system is currently being shipped in support of C-130 avionics upgrade programs around the world. The 6” x 8” EFI display uses Astronautics’ patented light-emitting diode (LED) NVIS compliant backlight with avionics grade active matrix liquid crystal (AMLCD) “glass”. 

The resulting new glass cockpit installations have exceptional viewing angles for improved human factor considerations.  The EFI uses an advanced Intel™ Atom processor, and it can accept both analog and digital interfaces along with a video input via RS-170 with provisions for a digital video interface (DVI) video or a second analog video input via RS-170, S-video, or composite input.

The EFI display, available with different bezel configurations, has a small mechanical package allowing it to accommodate difficult instrument panel mounting situations. Astronautics currently utilizes a six (6) display configuration in C-130 retrofits for different customers.  Depending on discrete input strapping or pilot selection or both, the display functionality can be primary flight, navigation, system status, video, or EICAS.   

The system uses the EDCU to convert analog engine data to digital data that is provided to the EFI for display on the EICAS. The CP is used to select the information that is displayed on the navigation display, as well as set the altitude minimums, barometric corrections, selected altitude, and gross weight.

“A benefit of this display’s flexibility,” said Dan Wade, Vice President of Business Development, “is that a customer will only need one part number to service all aspects of the displays in the cockpit.  Having one TSO’d part number will save the customer substantially on operational costs, as the customer will need only one part number for their rotable spares pool.” 


Astronautics Corporation of America is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it is a global leader in the design, development, integration, and manufacture of state-of-the-art avionics equipment and systems flight instruments, displays, computers, navigation systems, full cockpit integration, and more.

Astronautics’ major product lines include Electronic Flight Instruments, Electronic Flight Bag Displays, Airborne Network Server Computers, Navigation Systems, Flight Instruments, Mission & Display Systems, Multifunction Color Displays, Engine Displays, Flight Director Computers and Control Systems, and Air Data Computers.  Astronautics’ products are used for numerous air, ground, sea and space applications.

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