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Additional Emirates Flights Would Provide Canadians Jobs Growth

By Daniel Baxter

February 25, 2010 - A study by an independent transportation and tourism consulting group, InterVISTAS, shows a projected increase in tourism spending, and increase in tax revenues and economic activity resulting from the proposed services through passenger and cargo, if Emirates Airlines is granted additional Canadian landing rights.  

“Emirates Airline is seeking federal government approval to progressively increase connections between Canada, the Middle East and Asia,” said Andrew Parker, Senior Vice President International Affairs at Emirates. “By growing leisure and business traffic, we can help to strengthen Canada’s tourism, trade and investment sectors – as well as increase traffic for domestic airlines.” 

“This study identifies a great economic opportunity and highlights the need for more progress on Open Skies agreements to remove barriers to international tourism and commerce,” said Premier Gordon Campbell. “As a province and a country, we need to capitalize on services like those offered by Emirates Airline to realize our full economic potential.” 

“During my recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, it was very apparent that Alberta needs to have direct international air access from key markets like the UAE in order to stay competitive in the global economy,” said Premier Ed Stelmach. “We will continue to urge the federal government to pursue more open sky agreements to help strengthen our province’s business and tourism opportunities.” 

InterVISTAS, whose clients include airports, airlines and governments around the world, including Transport Canada, concluded the study in early 2010. The research examined the impact of Emirates increasing its current three-weekly Dubai to Toronto flights to daily and double-daily services, and adding a daily service to Vancouver and Calgary. 


The study showed that expanding Emirates’ services would produce the following benefits for Canada:   

• 274,927 new passengers traveling through Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver airports annually • 2,859 new full-time jobs created across Canada    • $115.4 million in new economic activity at airports in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver annually • $82.6 million in new tourism spending annually    • An additional $246 million in new spin-off economic activity across Canada annually • $38.1 million in new tax revenue annually

The study also highlighted the creation of an additional 27,000 tons of cargo export capacity for Canadian goods between Canada, Dubai and points beyond. Currently, demand for cargo space for Canadian goods on Emirates flights exceeds capacity, with space routinely sold out months in advance. 

“This survey confirms our long-held belief that Emirates can act as an important facilitator for economic growth in Canada”, added Andrew Parker. “Not only would the services create new jobs, increased tax revenue and tourism spending; but through our extensive global network, we would provide Canada with enhanced links between businesses and greater access to international capital and trade markets.”

Canada’s domestic carriers stand to benefit significantly from the projected growth in foreign tourists and business travelers. No Canadian carrier has ever offered direct flights to Dubai, which is not only a strategic hub for the Middle East but also a key gateway between East and West. 

“Emirates is committed to supporting Canada through the promotion of business and tourism traffic,” said Parker. “Canada’s vast beauty and world class attractions have been seen by millions of Olympic viewers. We want to capitalize on this opportunity by flying more tourists and business people to Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.” 

“Increased Emirates Airline services to Canada would provide a significant economic stimulus to tourism and trade in Canada. The increased air services would also create additional revenue for Canadian airports as no Canadian carrier currently offers these air services,” said Dr. Michael Tretheway of InterVISTAS Consulting, the authors of the study.

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