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Dart Helicopters Receives Canadian Approval On Auxiliary Fuel Tank

By Mike Mitchell

February 15, 2010 - DART Helicopter received approval from Canada’s Department of Transport Canada, which carries out similar duties of the FAA to install auxiliary fuel tank on their AS 350 and EC 130 Series Helicopters.

Transport Canada is responsible for transportation policies and programs. It ensures that air, marine, road and rail transportation are safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible. Transport Canada reports to Parliament and Canadians through the minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities. It works with its portfolio partners, other government departments and jurisdictions, and industry to ensure that all parts of Canada's transportation system work well.

The Transport Canada STC for the Auxiliary Fuel Tank has been reissued in the name of their affiliated partner, DART Aerospace Ltd, and that DART has added this STC to their manufacturer’s approval. DART Aerospace has also acquired the Brazilian and Australian STC’s from John Cameron Aviation. FAA & EASA certifications are currently pending. The Auxiliary Fuel Tank, originally provided by John Cameron Aviation, provides additional fuel capacity that can be transferred to the main fuel tank as desired in order to extend the aircraft’s operational range.


The innovative design provides up to 25% of additional range allowing the pilot to go direct to his/her destination. The Auxiliary Fuel Tank is easily installed into the left-hand side locker with minimal modification to the aircraft structure. It can be easily installed or removed to meet the operational requirements of the helicopter. The installation kit comes complete with its own electrical gauge and pump. Additional provisions can be purchased to allow for transfer of the Auxiliary Fuel Tank between aircraft as required. The Auxiliary Fuel Tank has a capacity of 34-40 US gallons/ 129-152 litres of usable fuel and is fully approved for all flight roles.

Includes electrical gauge and pump, Extends range by 25%, AS 350: 34 US gallon / 129 liter capacity of usable fuel, EC 130: 40 US gallon / 152 liter capacity of usable fuel, Installs in LH side baggage compartment, Scratch resistant powder coat finish, Instrument panel mounted control transfers fuel as desired, Provisions kit allows transfer between aircraft, Fixed parts (when tank is removed) are only 5.5 lbs.

“DART Aerospace is pleased to have acquired the JCA STC for the Auxiliary Fuel Tank. This innovative product is designed to increase the helicopter’s operational range while still allowing for versatility of easily removal, re-install or transfer the tank to additional aircraft. This option makes it a cost effective option as it then becomes an accessory not just for a single aircraft, but for the entire fleet. The Auxiliary Tank has been well received in Canada, Australia and Brazil” Quote Bill Beckett, General Manager DART Aerospace Ltd. 

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