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Marijuana High Caused US Airways Flight 1447 To Divert

By Mike Mitchell
February 5, 2010 - Airlines continue to experience great difficulties with unruly passengers. On Sunday Kinman Chan a passenger on US Airways, Flight 1447 was arrested for physically assaulting a flight attendant and for disruptive behavior. Chan admitted he had ingested marijuana cookies while waiting for his connecting flight.

On January 31, 2010, Kinman Chan was aboard US Air, Flight 1447 travelling from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California. Chan arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport from the Dominican Republic after attending a Global Information Networking Conference.

Just after takeoff, a flight attendant noticed Chan was acting oddly, specifically waving, smiling and making odd gestures.  Chan rose from his seat and went to the restroom in the back of the airplane. While inside the restroom Chan began to scream loudly causing a general disturbance.
At that time another flight attendant Russell DuHaime knocked on the restroom door to see what was wrong. Upon hearing the knock and voices, Chan "came back to reality." opened the door, and came out of the restroom. The crew member informed Chan that that his pants was down. The flight attendant requested Chan to fix his shirt and pants and to take his seat. Chan initially refused to comply, he placed his hands together as if he was praying. He was eventually escorted back to his seat. As he proceeded to his chair he began to talk to other passengers, including a little girl.

According to Duhaime, Chan became aggressive while in the aisle. At which point the flight attendant requested the assistance from other flight attendants. Gorman ordered Chan to sit down. He refused to comply. According to Gorman, the passenger became physical and tried to elbow her. Gorman was able to dodge Chanís attempt to strike her. She then grabbed Chin right arm, locked it behind his back, jumped into the seat behind him and put him in a "choke hold" to restrain him. Duhaime, with the assistance of crew members put Tuff Cuffs on Chan and secured him to a seat.

Michael Manning, a passenger, attempted to talk with Chan to calm him down. Chan advised Manning he had used marijuana. Manning observed Chan make a movement toward Gorman. As a result of Chanís actions onboard US Air Flight 1447, the flight was diverted from its original course and was forced to land at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The passenger admitted to causing a disturbance onboard the aircraft and that he ingested marijuana cookies while waiting for his connecting flight while at the Philadelphia International Airport. Chan informed investigators that he has a medical marijuana card and he took double his normal dose.

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