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Snow Accumulation Causes Roof Collapse at Dulles Jet Center

By Mike Mitchell

February 7, 2010 - On Saturday about 8 AM, the Fairfax County Fire Rescue of Virginia was called out to Dulles International Airport on a roof collapses at Dulles Jet Center. The hanger roof at Dulles had fully collapse destroying several business jets.

Officials believe the collapse was due to a heavy precipitation of snow that has fallen over several hours in Virginia and Maryland. The accumulation of snow on the roof was more weight than the roof could handle. No injuries to persons have been reported. 

Washington DC and surrounding areas have received a significant amount of snow that could break previous record set during the Knickerbocker Storm of 1922.


The Knickerbocker Storm was a blizzard that occurred on January 27–28, 1922 in the upper South and middle Atlantic United States. The storm took its name from the resulting collapse of the Knickerbocker Theatre in Washington, D.C. shortly after 9 p.m. on January 28 which killed 98 people and injured 133.

The National Weather Service is reporting storm accumulations of 20 to 30 inches are likely in the D.C. area, with some areas seeing more than 30 inches. Power outages have been reported throughout the Mid-Atlantic region affecting more than 200,000 customers, many roads undrivable and down trees.

The Knickerbocker Theatre was the largest and newest movie house in Washington, D.C., built in 1917 and owned by Harry Crandall. The roof was flat, which allowed the snow which had recently fallen to remain on the roof. During the movie's (Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford) intermission, the weight of the heavy, wet snow became too much for the roof to bear. The roof split down the middle, bringing down the balcony seating as well as a portion of the brick wall. Dozens were buried.  

Transportation officials are urging residents to stay off the roads to allow emergency crews to plow roads.

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