Spirit Airlines Ensures New Fuel Cost Breakout Transparency <


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Spirit Airlines Ensures New Fuel Cost Breakout Transparency

Daniel Baxter

February 14, 2010 - Spirit Airlines announced an innovative approach to ensure transparency in fuel costs, making sure customers know how much of their fare is fuel cost. Customers will now have this important information available to make smart travel decisions. For example, when a fare is $137 and fuel makes up $78 of that fare, customers can decide if the remaining $59 makes this a good time to buy. 

Customers can now visit Sprit Airlines website visit to see how much of their ticket is for the fuel to cover their trip. Spirit provides a table that illustrates the amount of fuel used for various trip lengths, the current price of fuel and how much this translates per one-way passenger. Spirit saves customers millions of dollars a year through its low fares, and some of this savings comes from its highly efficient fleet. For example, Spirit’s Airbus A319 is over 30 percent more fuel efficient per passenger than a McDonnell Douglas MD80 with 136 seats.


Thanks to these modern Airbus aircraft, Spirit is among the most fuel-efficient airlines per seat in the Americas. Spirit passes these savings on to their customers in the form of lower fares. Its all-Airbus fleet, the youngest in the Americas, flies more than 150 daily flights to 40 destinations. Spirit’s miles per gallon per passenger is not only among the best in the airline industry, but compares well against some of the most fuel efficient cars on the road today.  This allows customers to be green and price conscious at the same time. 

“Everyone sees the effect of oil price movements when they fill up their car, but rarely do customers have any idea how much of their fare is comprised of fuel cost,” said Barry Biffle, Spirit Airlines Chief Marketing Officer. “With this new approach, our customers will see exactly what they are paying for in fuel rather than guessing.  We are not just the low fare leader, but now also the transparency leader.” Spirit Airlines becomes the transparency leader by providing customers with detail fuel usage cost, delivering the fairest fare in the air.

Spirit Airlines, is the largest Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC) in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. As the unbundling leader in the industry, Spirit allows consumers the option of paying only for the features they value without subsidizing the choices of others.
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