Ex Air Force Major Mary Jane Seeks Boeing 747 From Saudi Arabian <





Ex Air Force Major Mary Jane Seeks Boeing 747 From Saudi Arabia

By Mike Mitchell

January 26, 2010 - Dixon, CA. Martin Pearl Publishing announced the release of Plane Jane, by Robert Fischer. A 271 page aviation-themed adventure follows fictional ex Air Force Major Mary Jane as she seeks to repossess a luxury Boeing 747 from a rich and powerful Saudi Prince. Partnered with another recently discharged Air Force Pilot, Jesus Martinez, Mary quickly finds herself immersed in Saudi Arabian culture and intrigue as her quest takes on twists and surprises.  

Plane Jane is not only a great adventure story, it also mixes in contemporary themes and issues such as the role of women in the military and in Saudi culture. The aviation scenes are technically accurate, as is the depiction of life in Saudi Arabia. Takes the reader right into the character’s world of the Air Force and Saudi Arabia in a thrilling race to its unexpected conclusion.  

Plane Jane is an "edge of your seat” adventure story, full of plot twists and surprises. The aviation scenes are very realistic and the writing will put you right in the cockpit with the characters, flinching as they flinch and ducking as they duck. Plane Jane is a must read book for aviation enthusiasts and for anyone who enjoys a good thrilling adventure.

About the Author: Robert Fischer was raised in San Francisco and currently resides in Sonoma County, California. After serving as a Korean War pilot in the Marines, he went on to work as an import-exporter and as a restaurateur in Australia and California. He also flew his own helicopter, was invited to fly for the Rhodesian Army and flew for a Senator in the Philippines during the President Marcos period.  


After returning to America, he sold desalination equipment in Arabia, Australia and the Polynesian Islands. Plane Jane, his debut novel, highlights experiences in Bulgaria, where he witnessed wide-spread theft of autos and airplanes from the West. Robert is a dad to five children and a husband to his wife Helga for 30 years.  Plane Jane will be released on June 11, 2010 and can be pre-ordered at bookstores everywhere.

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