FAA To Provide All Employees With Identity Theft Protection


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FAA To Provide All Employees With Identity Theft Protection

By Daniel Baxter

June 3, 2010 - Identity Force, a leader in identity theft prevention services has been awarded a contract with the Federal Aviation Administration to provide all employees with identity theft protection services. The contract is part of the agency’s continued response to a breach in February 2009 that exposed the personal information of more than 45,000 employees and retirees.

The new Identity Force contract replaces previous identity protection services offered last year to employees and offers significant new features for a period of 12 months. First, employees may sign up for full identity monitoring that will track their credit reports and other identity documents that could be altered. Second, identity restoration services will be offered under the contract to any employee who has his or her identity information stolen or otherwise adversely affected.


A certified professional provided by Identity Force will work on the employee's behalf with creditors, insurance companies, banks, courts, law enforcement agencies and other parties to restore an employee's identity. In addition to the new services, FAA employees will receive training and awareness information later this year on how to better protect the personally identifiable information of agency staffers, contractors and customers.

“We're delighted to offer this service as an improvement over last year's protection as it now adds full identity restoration,” Administrator Randy Babbitt said. “The FAA is the first government agency, to my knowledge, to offer this service to all its employees because we feel it is the right thing to do.” The agency will also continue to offer protection to individuals affected by the breach who no longer work at the FAA.

“Identity Force is proud to be working with the FAA, and we applaud the agency’s leadership team for implementing strategic solutions, including training, as part of its ongoing efforts to eliminate the threat of data breaches,” explained Identity Force CEO Steven Bearak. Identity Force is the #1 provider of identity protection services to the federal government, and has served many agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Transportation Security Administration, and the Coast Guard.

Identity Force is a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection for individuals, businesses and government agencies. Identity Force was launched in 2005 as a response to the dramatic increase in identity theft crimes in the United States.
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