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American Airlines Walks Out Of Talks With Flight Attendants

Daniel Guevarra

March 5, 2010 - Negotiations between American Airlines Flight Attendants and management broke down on Wednesday when the company left the bargaining table with ten hours remaining before the scheduled end of the intense five-day bargaining session.

At 6:30 pm ET, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) gave the company a realistic proposal that addressed the Flight Attendants’ needs and the company’s concerns. Rather than take any time to consider this offer, the Company exited the room informing APFA that it would not be in position to make a counter-proposal this evening.

“This conduct is just another demonstration of the Company’s bad faith bargaining that has been in full bloom for the past 23 months,” said APFA President Laura Glading. “This display shows complete disrespect and disregard for our hard working Flight Attendants.

“APFA remains prepared to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement, but it is clear, now more than ever, that the company does not share the same interest,” Glading continued. “Delay only serves the company. Each day without a new agreement equals another million dollars in the pocket of American.

“The company’s actions speak loudly. When the bargaining party that sits across the table does not want to reach an agreement, that leaves the other party with no recourse other than to move to the next step,” Glading continued. “We have exhausted all of our options and will now meet with our Board this weekend to move forward with the balloting of the membership for a strike vote.”

APFA will be contacting the National Mediation Board tomorrow to schedule a meeting to request a release into a thirty-day cooling off period, at the end of which, APFA can choose to engage in a strike or other forms of self-help.

“Flight Attendants have been down this path before and we remain unified and strong. Now, with no other options on the table, management has forced us to take the next step necessary to get the contract we have worked so hard for,” Glading concluded. (see American Airlines Flight Attendants Turn Up the Heat)

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