Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore Eludes The Law Once Again


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Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore Eludes The Law Once Again

By Daniel Baxter

March 19, 2010 - On a tip, several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and San Juan County Sheriff Department, began an all out search for the Barefoot Bandit, Colton Harris-Moore. Their search began at 1 AM on Orcas Island which is only accessible by air or water. The island is located in the northwestern corner of Washington State in San Juan County, Washington. 

Colton Harris-Moore is known for his escape from a juvenile detention center in 2008, after which he went on a stealing and break-in rampage. His behavior includes numerous burglaries, allegedly stealing four air planes by hot wiring them and then crash landing them. Colton Harris-Moore's mother, Pam Kohler, stated in an interview, "I hope to hell he stole those airplanes. I'd be so proud. But put in there that I want him to wear a parachute next time."


In one incident, Colton Harris-Moore broke into a house to have a shower and helped himself to some ice cream from the refrigerator. In another break in he used a computer and stolen credit card to purchase a pair of night vision goggles, among other things, on the internet. After his numerous escapes from authorities, he left a note to the police declaring "war". 

Police searched the western side of the island where they believed Colton Harris-Moore was camped out. A helicopter and tracking dogs where brought in. The search continued throughout midday on Thursday without any luck in finding him. 

Authorities have reported they have ended their search until new leads develop. The police consider Colton Harris-Moore as armed and dangerous because of an earlier incident where he broke into a police car and stole a rifle. 

Colton Harris-Moore has developed a huge Face Book following. His description on the site states, ?Colton Harris-Moore is Western Washington's new Jesse James (without the murders). Without a doubt one of the greatest and most notable outlaws to come from an otherwise boring area. Some of his greatest achievements include the Kamikaze theft and crash landing of 3 airplanes (with no flight training) as well as commandeering a couple of boats. Let's hope that he remains healthy, free and at large for a long time! Fly Colton, Fly.? 


Most of his followers are saying things like, ?Our boy is still on the run! Fly Colton Fly.? ?LOL! Law enforcement left in the dust AGAIN! Dude, you're a piece of ?., but I can't hate how you make the cops look like even bigger pieces of ?.. Keep it up man, hope they don't get ya.?  ?Who knew a random kid from Stanwood would make such a scene!! RUN BABY RUN! Don't let them catch you. If you ever need a place in Monroe, lemme know.?

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Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore Eludes The Law Once Again


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