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Bob Hope Airport Authority Is Seeking Nighttime Curfew

Daniel Guevarra

March 17, 2009 – The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority in California has received notice from the Federal Aviation Administration Acting Associate Administrator for Airports, Catherine Lang, in a March 5, 2009 letter that the Authority’s Part 161 Study and Application for a Proposed Curfew at Bob Hope Airport “meets the requirements for a complete application…except for one element of the environmental analysis.”

Lang requested supplemental information within 30 days. Airport Authority President Bill Wiggins welcomed news of the FAA’s findings and said that the Authority will respond promptly. 

“The Authority will certainly provide the requested information within the 30-day time frame set forth by the FAA so we can continue to pursue the curfew. We have spent over eight years and $6.5 million attempting to do what no other airport in the country has been able to do.  

“We know the biggest challenge is still in front of us,” Wiggins added. “The regulations in Part 161, established very difficult requirements before a new restriction can be put into effect, and the FAA is the sole judge of whether we have met them. We believe our Part 161 Study shows that a curfew at Bob Hope Airport produces more benefits than costs, and the study also shows that the national aviation system will function efficiently if the curfew is implemented.”  

The technical corrections requested by the FAA include adjustment of two tables listing forecast aircraft operations at Ontario International Airport and reconciling variances in estimated operations of Bombardier Dash 6 and Dash 8 turboprop aircraft in noise modeling computations.  

Neither correction is expected to affect the overall analysis of noise impacts contained in the report, according to Jacobs Consultancy, the firm that prepared the study. After the FAA receives the supplemental information that finalizes the study, the FAA will begin a more substantive 180-day review of the application leading to its final decision.  

The Airport Authority proposes to adopt a mandatory curfew prohibiting all takeoffs and landings between 10:00 p.m. and 6:59 a.m., with limited exceptions. 

The two less restrictive curfews studied, while not satisfying the Airport Authority’s goal as completely as the full curfew, would achieve part of the goal in significantly reducing nighttime noise and should also satisfy the six statutory conditions set forth in Part 161 for FAA approval. 

Assuming FAA approval of the proposed curfew, the Airport Authority would adopt a binding resolution implementing the curfew, including the following schedule of fines and penalties. 

1st Violation – fine of $3,671, which is based on the existing Airport Noise Rule 9

2nd Violation in a 12-month period – 200% of the fine for 1st violation ($7,342)

3rd Violation in a 12-month period – 300% of the fine for 1st violation ($11,013)

4th Violation in a 12-month period – 400% of the fine for 1st violation ($14,684) and action to ban access or terminate lease for a 12-month period

In keeping with Airport Authority policy, the fines would be adjusted annually on April 1, based on the January Consumer Price Index for the “Los Angeles-Riverside County Area -- All Urban Consumers.”

(See FAA Concluded Santa Monica's City Ordinance In Violation)

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