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Ireland’s Ryanair Government Inaction Costs 500 Engineering Jobs

By Mike Mitchell

March 10, 2010 - Ryanair, Ireland’s favorite airline, on Tuesday condemned the Irish Government for its failure to win 500 well paid engineering jobs for Ireland as it confirmed that all 500 jobs, which it had originally promised to create in Hangar 6 at Dublin Airport, will now be lost to Glasgow Prestwick and one other European airport.

Last year over 800 employees lost their jobs when SR Technics closed its facility at Dublin Airport. The owner of Ryanair, Michael O'Leary, states he could restore 300 of those jobs if he could rent or buy hangar number 6 at Dublin Airport at a reasonable price. At the present time Aer Lingus has a 20 year lease on the property however, the property has not been used in years and it is vacant (see photos).

Ryanair as stated, Ryanair’s 2009 investment, jobs offer for Hangar 6 at Dublin Airport was ignored because the Government didn’t want to upset the DAA monopoly. Aer Lingus has now moved into H6, but instead of creating jobs Aer Lingus will shortly cut 900 more jobs at Dublin Airport.

Owner Of Ryanair, Michael O'Leary  
Ryanair confirmed that it will now finalize a deal with another European Government. Ryanair has further stated that it believes “it is a damming indictment of the current Irish Government” that one of Ireland’s few world leading companies has not been encouraged, or assisted, to secure these 500 engineering jobs in Ireland.

“It is clear that this Government is incapable of maintaining or creating jobs. Its failure last year to encourage the world’s largest international airline to create up to 500 engineering jobs in Hangar 6 at Dublin Airport is typical of its indecision and incompetence.

“The refusal to sell or lease Hangar 6 to Ryanair in 2009 proves that this Government prefers to protect the DAA monopoly who subsequently allowed Aer Lingus to move into the facility, an airline with no heavy maintenance in Ireland and no use for such a large hangar, and which is cutting up to 900 jobs” said Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara.

Ryanair will now move to finalise a deal with one of the other European Governments and airports who are interested in securing these engineering jobs and are working with Ryanair to sustain investment and jobs at their airports instead of waffling on about the “complexities” and “barriers” to job creation like Ireland’s dithering and incompetent Government.”

Government officials informed Ryanair that they will not rent them the property because “they can’t break the lease” with Aer Lingus. You would think with Ireland’s high unemployment of 13 percent government officials could solve this problem with the blink of an eye and move onto more pressing problems. Here is a company that states they can create jobs and you have a government in opposition.


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