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Raytheon’s AutoTrac III To Be Used To Update India’s ATC Systems

By Mike Mitchell

March 2, 2010 - Raytheon Company has been awarded a contract by the India Airport Authority in India to automate the air traffic control systems at, Chennai International Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. 

Raytheon will install AutoTrac III, its next-generation air traffic management system, to help reduce delays in aircraft arrival and departure. The new system will also provide real-time meteorological information to assist air traffic controllers in adjusting to changing weather conditions. AutoTrac III features a new generation of flight and surveillance data processing systems to ensure air traffic safety.


The system's modern, open architecture design and high performance is fully adaptable and scalable to fit any air traffic management environment from simple tower automation to a fully integrated multi-center system. Solutions for the 21st Century Raytheon’s next generation Air Traffic Management (ATM) system provides a complete ATM solution for all domains including Tower, Terminal, EnRoute, Oceanic, Procedural, Airspace Management and Flow Control. 

The ATM system presents information to the controller in a coherent, integrated fashion on a Situation Display there by keeping the controller completely informed. This includes flight, surveillance, aeronautical and meteorological data, enabling the controller to make timely and efficient decisions to expedite the flow of air traffic. 

The system provides tools for the planner controller including MTCD, SYSCO and Trial Probe (“What If”) to enable the strategic planning of traffic flow from sector to sector. The tactical controller is supported in his/her task by a range of features including safety nets (STCA, MSAW, RAI) and conformance monitoring. The modern HMI enables the easy input of tactical instructions and constraints which are taken into account in the 4-D tactical trajectories.

ATM system provides the features, functions and performance which air navigation service providers have come to expect from advanced air traffic management systems. Functions include Multi-Sensor Tracking, Safety Nets, ADS/CPDLC, Flight Data and Clearance Processing, MONA, MTCD, SYSCO, “Stripless” HMI and much more. The system can support the highest traffic densities experienced in the world’s busiest ACCs. 

With today’s requirement for 24/7 operations, the system has several levels of redundancy and fault containment ensuring consistent continuity of service. The Heart of the System, highly accurate 4-D trajectories, and advanced capabilities comes from its multiple highly accurate 4-D trajectories. The system supports trajectories for filed, tactical, planning and trial probe use. This unique capability provides the foundation for advanced tools and capabilities such as MTCD, CORA, AMAN, DMAN and many more. The system can be configured to suit almost every conceivable environment and user preference, such as stripless operation. 

ATM system comes with its own integrated simulation capabilities enabling training and incident analysis to be conducted on the same equipment as is used in normal operations. The system includes a comprehensive set of Aeronautical Information Services support as well as full meteorological data processing capabilities including WMO GRIB data. 

ATM system’s open, object-oriented design incorporates an Adaptive Gateway Technology which makes interfacing to any system, whether legacy or advanced, a simple task. The system supports an extensive range of data, message sets and interface protocols including standards such as AFTN, ICAO 4444, FAA NAS, OLDI, and AIDC. 

"For more than 60 years, Raytheon has been at the forefront of designing and delivering the world's most innovative and reliable civilian and military air traffic management systems," said Andy Zogg, Raytheon Network Centric Systems vice president of Command and Control Systems. "This award continues our long-standing relationship with AAI and its commitment to make Indian air space as safe as possible."

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