Airforwarders Called On Congress To Secure Air Cargo


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Airforwarders Called On Congress To Secure Air Cargo

By Daniel Baxter

November 17, 2010 - The Airforwarders Association on Tuesday called on Congress to work with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to implement a risk-based assessment program for securing inbound air cargo.  

International cooperation will be required to improve security, this necessitates a harmonized security program and one that is holistic in including passenger and all-cargo aircraft. Domestically, efforts already underway with TSA and CBP to share data and best practices must continue to achieve meaningful increases in security.  

?Airforwarders and others in the air cargo industry are 100% committed to safety and security, but that is the only instance when a percentage is appropriate in any discussion of cargo security,? said Brandon Fried, executive director of the Airforwarders Association.


?We urge Congress to reject additional calls for 100% screening of inbound cargo. Instead, policymakers should enact a risk-based system for global air cargo security, as recommended by the supply chain and our international partners.?  To further improve air cargo security, the Airforwarders Association has developed a set of recommendations for consideration by Congress, including:  

Improving inter-agency cooperation: TSA and CBP are finally collaborating on practices and policies to better streamline the international cargo security system. This must be expanded in both scope and substance, and should also include the Department of State and Department of Commerce.  

Airport screening should not be considered a first line of defense but instead an effective complement to solutions like CCSP and freight targeting from cargo manifests, already in place for domestic cargo. These should be expanded to the all-cargo universe.

Funds for developing technologies for screening, and reviewing existing technology and procedures should be allocated immediately. The EU and other foreign carriers are using pallet screening technologies that the TSA has deemed inadequate streamlining certification for these machines is an imperative first step in harmonization.


For too long, those in the supply chain have been divided by their differences. CCSP brought shippers, passenger carriers and forwarders together and created solutions. The current effort must include all members of the international air cargo supply chain. ?We support the data sharing and dissemination recommendations outlined by TSA and CBP in their testimony today, and have already begun working with the agencies to best implement them,? said Fried.


?The air freight forwarding industry has worked tirelessly to achieve new screening mandates and has been instrumental in implementing effective security programs for domestic cargo. Our cargo security has never been higher due to these efforts. We will continue to work closely with industry partners and the government to improve security.?  

The Airforwarders Association, with a full membership of 350 members, was founded in 1990, and today provides advocacy, training, information, and other beneficial services to the air forwarding community. The association works closely with the U.S. Congress, U.S. federal regulatory agencies and administration departments, air carriers, service providers, and other industry-related entities throughout America and abroad.

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