Ryanair Calls For The Break Up Of DAA Airport Monopoly


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Ryanair Calls For The Break Up Of DAA Airport Monopoly

By Shane Nolan

October 15, 2010 - Ryanair, welcomed the UK Court of Appeal’s decision to dismiss the BAA monopoly’s appeal against the Competition Commission’s ruling that the BAA monopoly should be broken up to promote competition and a better deal for passengers. 

Ryanair called on the Irish Government (which designed the DAA monopoly and the failed CAR regulatory regime on this now discredited UK model) to follow the recommendation of the UK Competition Commission.

To break-up the DAA airport monopoly which found that the BAA’s monopoly ownership of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports had “adversely affected competition”, The way the BAA has conducted its business has adversely affected competition and the inadequate regulatory regime operated by the CAA has adversely affected competition. 


Ryanair believes that these findings apply equally to the DAA airport monopoly, and the CAR regulatory regime in Ireland. These were designed to copy the discredited regulated airport monopoly model in the UK and now that this model is to be broken up, it is time for the DAA monopoly in Ireland to be broken up as well. 

Ryanair called upon the Government to adopt the late Seamus Brennan’s original plan to break-up the DAA airport monopoly by selling off Shannon and Cork Airports to the highest bidder, selling off Terminals 1 and 2 at Dublin Airport to competing terminal operators (leaving the DAA to run only the shared services of runways, ramps and carparks) and selling off all non core DAA assets including Dublin Airport City and Aer Rianta International. 

Ryanair believes that these sales will enable the Government to pay off most, if not all, of the DAA’s €1.2bh debt, while allowing two competing terminals at Dublin to rapidly deliver lower access costs and traffic growth at Dublin Airport, as well as bringing new and vibrant management to Cork and Shannon airports. 

Ireland is a peripheral island on the edge of Europe. We now have the most expensive airports in Europe, and a tourism industry facing two years of record traffic declines. The way forward has been shown by the Competition Commission in the UK.

“We must break up the DAA monopoly, and allow competition between airports and between terminals to deliver lower costs and better passenger service, as the DAA monopoly has failed miserably in recent years. It’s time that the Irish Government stopped protecting a failed semi-state monopoly like the DAA and allowed competition to succeed where the DAA monopoly and an ineffective quango like the CAR have failed miserably” said Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary


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