Honeywell's Navigation System Selected On COMAC's C919 Airliner


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Honeywell's Navigation System Selected On COMAC's C919 Airliner

By Jim Douglas

September 12, 2010 - For the fourth time, Honeywell has been selected for China's new C919 commercial airliner. Honeywell's inertial reference and air data systems are the most recent selections by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) for the new C919 single-aisle commercial airliner. 

The Inertial Reference System provides the aircraft?s fly-by-wire system with location data, enabling precision approaches and highly accurate positioning during flight.

The advanced navigation accuracy is a key component for next-generation air traffic management capabilities, enabling more direct routing and flying precise satellite-based navigation approaches to airports, reducing flight delays and fuel costs. 


Earlier this year, COMAC selected Honeywell's auxiliary power unit, flight controls and wheels and brakes for this new plane. ?Honeywell?s navigation system is a clear industry leader with proven performance on a variety of air transport platforms,? said Mark Howes, president of Honeywell Aerospace, Asia Pacific.  ?With our proven track record on aircraft flying international routes, this level of performance and reliability is the industry standard our customers want.? 

The air data system meets all requirements for Reduced Vertical Separation (RVSM) operation, and is configured with Honeywell?s highly reliable Air Data Modules. ?The Honeywell LASEREF VI has 50% less volume and 30% less weight and power consumption than similar systems,? Howes said. ?These improvements in weight and power reductions will drive lower fuel consumption over the life of the aircraft.? 

The LASEREF VI Inertial Reference System is an all-digital, high- performance Ring Laser Gyro system. The advanced features of the system enable more precise landing and reduce operational and maintenance costs. The system also contains a patented automatic mode control and Align-in-Motion technology, which eliminates complicated control devices in the cockpit, improves safety, and reduces crew training costs. 

The LASEREF VI Inertial Reference System has a proven reliability of more than 40,000 hour mean time between failures. The air data modules have a proven reliability of more than 500,000 hour mean time between failures.


?Honeywell customers are flying more than 50,000 laser inertial reference and air data systems today,? Howes said. ?COMAC selected the Honeywell system not just for reliability and operations savings but because the experience is unmatched in the industry.? 

The LASEREF VI provides 100% availability for Required Navigation Performance (RNP) 0.1, which allows the most accuracy available today, enabling advanced Air Traffic Management (ATM), meaning more flights and better routing. The system can withstand a total loss of Global Positioning System (GPS) signal for more than seven minutes without exceeding the tightest RNP 0.1 integrity requirements. 

The Air Data System measures critical air data parameters and provides information for cockpit display and to the flight control and flight management systems. 

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Honeywell?s aerospace business is a leading global provider of integrated avionics, engines, systems and service solutions for aircraft manufacturers, airlines, business and general aviation, military, space and airport operations. Honeywell also operates 10 facilities throughout China, including Aerospace maintenance and manufacturing facilities in Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Shanghai. The Asia Pacific business is based in Shanghai.


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