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 New Look For Airman Certificates

FAA began issuing new, security-enhanced airman certificates July 31 to the nation’s 650,000 active pilots. FAA Administrator Marion C. Blakey unveiled the new certificate before hundreds of aviation enthusiasts at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture.

The new, durable credit card-sized certificates are made from high-quality composite poly-vinylchloride (PVC) media card stock and incorporate new security features, such as a hologram of the FAA seal, micro printing, and ultraviolet ink printing. They will replace the existing paper airman certificates, which can be easily damaged. “The new certificate’s durability and features will further protect pilot identities and add one more element of security to our aviation system,” said Blakey.

The certificate will be issued to all new and existing airmen as they achieve higher certificate levels or additional ratings. It will also replace certificates that have been lost or damaged. The “old style” certificate is still valid. However, it is expected that all active airmen will be able to replace their certificates over the next three to four years. In keeping with this year’s Centennial of Flight celebration, the new certificate features graphics of the Wright brothers, the 1902 Wright Glider, the 1903 Wright Flyer, a Boeing jet aircraft, the DOT seal, and a hologram of the FAA seal. The Wright Family Fund provided images of the Wright brothers.

The new certificate was designed by the FAA’s Civil Aviation Registry, part of the agency’s Flight Standards Service. The Registry issues approximately 246,000 airman and 70,000 aircraft certificates annually. If you have any questions, contact either the FAA’s Certification and Flight Training Branch, AFS-840, at (202) 267-8196 or the Airman Certification Branch, AFS-760, at (405) 954-3822.

  New FAA airman Certificates
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